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The Altaro PowerShell Hyper-V CookbookTitle: The Altaro PowerShell Hyper-V Cookbook
Author: Jeffery Hicks, PowerShell MVP
Twitter: @JeffHicks
Published: 2014
Publisher: Altaro Software
PDF: Altaro-PowerShell-Hyper-V-Cookbook.pdf
Size: 6.9 MB
Pages: 63
Size 44.7 KB
Download URL: Click here for download


  • Understand the basics of Hyper-V Cmdlets and how to create
    a Hyper-V VM
  • How to display and discover information about your VMs and Hyper-V host
  • Get mounted ISO files & identify orphaned VHD/VHDX files
  • How to delete obsolete snapshots and query Hyper-V event logs


  1. Get-HyperVEvents.ps1
  2. Get-ImageFromISO.ps1
  3. Get-MyVM.ps1
  4. Get-ObsoleteVHD.ps1
  5. Get-VHDInfo.ps1
  6. Get-VMMemoryReport.ps1
  7. Get-VMOS.ps1
  8. Get-VMSnapshotUsage.ps1
  9. New-HVHealthReport.ps1
  10. New-VMfromISO.ps1
  11. New-VMFromTemplate.ps1
  12. Remove-OldVMSnapshot.ps1
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