Stupid Windows Tricks – Graph Summary View

You ever see an option in Windows that you never click? No?

(Well, maybe it’s just me then…)

Anyway, today I stumbled across the “Graph Summary View” in Server 2012 R2 that I’ve never clicked on before.


This feature leaves you a little floating window with either CPU, Memory or Ethernet usage:


CPU usage - Graph Summary View


Memory - Graph Summary View


Ethernet - Graph Summary View

This is pretty helpful for tracking resource usage when you’re remoted into a server with low screen resolution.

Once you’re in summary view you can flip between different resources:

Changing views - Graph Summary View

To go back to ‘normal’ mode just right-click and unselect Graph Summary View.


You can also manually shrink Resource Monitor to keep an eye on the server:


I’ll be on the lookout for other stuff I’ve never clicked on. Winking smile

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