Download – Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2016

Title: Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Published: 04/9/2018
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 13.0.5026.0 
File size: 774.1 MB
File name: SQLServer2016SP2-KB4052908-x64-ENU.exe
Download URL: Click here to download


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 service packs are cumulative updates and upgrade all editions and service levels of SQL Server 2016 SP1 to SP2. This service pack contains up to and including SQL Server 2016 SP1 Cumulative Update 8 (CU8).

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Download – Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

ebook_dev_azureTitle: The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure, Second Edition
Published: 2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
File size: 3.21 MB
Pages: 57
File name: Azure_Developer_Guide_eBook.pdf
Download URL: Click here to download


The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure was written to help you on your journey to the cloud, whether you’re just considering making the move, or you’ve already decided and are underway.

This e-book was written by developers for developers. And it is specifically meant to give you, as a developer, a fundamental knowledge of what Azure is all about, what it offers you and your organization, and how to take advantage of it all.

Using Microsoft Azure for Marketing

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the exciting world of marketing and explore how Microsoft Azure can be a game-changer for your marketing campaigns. In today’s digital era, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience. Let’s discover how leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Azure can elevate your marketing efforts to new heights.

1. Harnessing Data Insights

One of the greatest advantages of using Microsoft Azure for marketing is its ability to provide valuable data insights. With Azure’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, you can gain a deep understanding of your target audience’s preferences, behavior, and demographics.

By analyzing social media data, you can identify trends, sentiments, and consumer patterns, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly. Azure’s powerful data processing capabilities empower you to transform raw data into actionable insights, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

2. Personalized Customer Experiences

In the marketing world, personalization is key to capturing and retaining customer attention. Microsoft Azure enables you to deliver highly personalized experiences to your target audience across various social media platforms.

With Azure’s scalable infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) services, you can create dynamic content that resonates with individual users. By leveraging Azure’s cognitive services, such as text and image recognition, you can analyze user-generated content and deliver tailored recommendations, promotions, and advertisements.

3. Enhanced Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a vital component of any successful marketing strategy. Microsoft Azure offers a range of tools and services that can optimize your social media advertising efforts.

Azure’s machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify the most effective ad placements, optimal posting times, and target audience segments. This allows you to allocate your marketing budget more efficiently and achieve higher conversion rates.

4. Seamless Campaign Management

Managing marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms can be a daunting task. However, with Microsoft Azure, you can streamline your campaign management process.

Azure’s cloud-based infrastructure provides a centralized platform where you can create, monitor, and track your marketing campaigns in real-time. From scheduling posts to analyzing campaign performance, Azure simplifies the complex task of managing social media marketing efforts, freeing up valuable time and resources.

5. Scalability and Reliability

As your business grows, so does the need for scalable and reliable marketing solutions. Microsoft Azure offers a robust and flexible infrastructure that can adapt to your evolving marketing requirements.

Azure’s cloud-based services allow you to scale your marketing campaigns effortlessly, ensuring that your social media presence can handle increased traffic and engagement. With Azure’s reliable infrastructure, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts will run smoothly without interruptions.

In conclusion, utilizing Microsoft Azure for marketing can be the key to unlocking the marketing heaven for your business. By harnessing data insights, delivering personalized experiences, optimizing social media advertising, streamlining campaign management, and leveraging scalability and reliability, Azure empowers you to reach new heights in your marketing endeavors.

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Download – Group Policy Settings for Win 10 Server 2016

Title: Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server
Published: 04/17/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: October 2016
File size: 698 KB
File name: Windows10andWindowsServer2016PolicySettings.xlsx
Download URL: Click here to download


This spreadsheet lists the policy settings for computer and user configurations that are included in the Administrative template files (.admx and .adml) delivered with Windows 10, version 1703.

These files are used to expose policy settings when you use the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to edit Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

The policy settings included in this spreadsheet also cover:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003 with SP2
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista with SP1
  • Windows XP Professional with SP2 or earlier service packs
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP5 or earlier service packs
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Download – Linux Integration Services 4.1 for Hyper-V

Title: Linux Integration Services Version 4.1 for Hyper-V
Published: 02/21/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 4.1
File size: 202 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


A set of drivers that enable synthetic device support in supported Linux virtual machines under Hyper-V. See the Details section of this page for a link to more information about the latest Linux Integration Services (LIS) availability and supported distributions.


  • Expanded Releases: now applicable to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Oracle Linux with Red Hat Compatible Kernel versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 6.8, 7.2, and 7.3
  • Hyper-V Sockets
  • Manual Memory Resize
  • lsvmbus
  • Uninstallation scripts
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Download – Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Title: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit
Published: 02/10/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 9.6
File size: 144 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) is an agentless, automated, multi-product planning and assessment tool for quicker and easier desktop, server and cloud migrations.

Personally, I prefer the abbreviation MAPT instead of MAP (because of confusion with the Microsoft Action Pack), but Microsoft makes the rules up as they go.

MAP provides detailed readiness assessment reports and executive proposals with extensive hardware and software information, and actionable recommendations to help organizations accelerate their IT infrastructure planning process, and gather more detail on assets that reside within their current environment. MAP also provides server utilization data for Hyper-V server virtualization planning; identifying server placements, and performing virtualization candidate assessments. Learn more.

Microsoft Assessment and Casinos: Using Technology to Improve Gambling Operations

Casinos and gambling operations can be complex and multifaceted, with numerous systems and processes in place to ensure smooth and efficient operations like used in nye nettcasinoer. With the help of Microsoft Assessment, casinos can use technology to improve various aspects of their business, from customer service to financial management.

One area where Microsoft Assessment can be particularly useful for casinos is in the realm of customer service. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, casinos can analyze customer data and identify patterns and trends that can help them improve the overall customer experience. For example, AI-powered chatbots can be used to assist customers with inquiries and provide personalized recommendations based on their preferences.

In addition to customer service, Microsoft Assessment can also help casinos with financial management. With tools like Microsoft Excel and Power BI, casinos can track and analyze their financial data in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions about their operations. This can include everything from analyzing revenue streams to identifying areas for cost-saving measures.

Overall, Microsoft Assessment is a powerful tool for casinos looking to improve their operations and stay competitive in the industry. By harnessing the power of technology, casinos can streamline their processes, enhance the customer experience, and make better-informed decisions about their business.

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Download – SharePoint Online Management Shell

Title: SharePoint Online Management Shell
Published: 01/31/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 16.0.6112.1200
File size: 2.4 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


The SharePoint Online Management Shell has a new Windows PowerShell module that lets O365 administrators manage their SharePoint Online subscription using PowerShell. The focus is around site collection management.

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Download – SharePoint 2013 Migration Assessment Tool

Title: SharePoint 2013 Migration Assessment Tool
Published: 01/20/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 1.1
File name:
File size: 0.5 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


The SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) is a simple command line executable that will scan the contents of your SharePoint farm to help identify the impact of migrating your server to SharePoint Online with Office 365.

Because the tool is designed to run with out impacting your environment, you may observe the tool requires one to two days to complete a scan of your environment. During this time, the tool will report process in the console window. After the scan is complete, you can find output files in the tools directory that will give you summary and more detailed insights into the scenarios that could be impacted by migration.

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Download – Windows Management Framework 5.1

PowerShell_5.0_iconTitle: Windows Management Framework 5.1
Published: 01/19/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 1.0
File size: 14.5-64.9 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


Windows Management Framework 5.1 includes updates to Windows PowerShell, Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), Windows Remote Management (WinRM), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Release notes:


  • Constrained file copying to/from JEA endpoints
  • JEA support for Group Managed Service Accounts and Conditional Access Policies
  • PowerShell console support for VT100 and redirecting stdin with interactive input
  • Support for catalog signed modules in PowerShell Get
  • Specifying which module version to load in a script
  • Package Management cmdlet support for proxy servers
  • PowerShellGet cmdlet support for proxy servers
  • Improvements in PowerShell Script Debugging
  • Improvements in Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • Improved PowerShell usage auditing using Transcription and Logging
  • New and updated cmdlets based on community feedback
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Download – Remote Desktop Services Poster

Title: Remote Desktop Services Poster
Published: 01/19/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: January 2017
File name: Remote Desktop Services Poster.png
Dimensions: 11775 x 7875 pixels
File size: 1.1 MB
Download URL: Click here to download

Remote Desktop Services Poster


It’s odd that Microsoft made this poster a .PNG instead of a .PDF, but this is still a handy reference chart.

  • VDI vs Session-Based
  • Personal or Pooled Desktops
  • Build anywhere
  • Cater to different kinds of users
  • Access from anywhere
  • High availability
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure data storage
  • Persistent or non-persistent sessions
  • Enable high-end graphics remoting
  • Connect from any device
  • Choose how you pay
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Software Assurance Benefits Chart – Jan 2017

Title: Microsoft Software Assurance Interactive Benefits Chart
Published: 01/13/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: January 2017
File name: SA_InteractiveBenefitsChart.pdf
File size: 2.0 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


Microsoft software licensing is one of the most confusing, often frustrating, things clients and IT Pros have to deal with. In fact, there’s even a Microsoft Certification Exam (74-678) just for licensing.


Use this chart to compare program benefits available through online casino Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing. Chart data includes descriptions and eligibility summaries for all Software Assurance benefits including New Product Versions, 24×7 Problem Resolution Support, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, Deployment Planning and Training services amongst others.

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