SharePoint PDF Icon Tool Gets Even Better

acrobat_pdf_iconDoes your SharePoint http://companyweb site running on SBS 2003 or R2 still show missing icons for PDF files you’ve uploaded?  Tsk-tsk.


GOOD – Back in the day we used to fix this problem manually by uploading the 16×16 PDF icon, updating the XML file, and restarting IIS.  Tedious, but effective.

BETTER – Then in 2004 Chad Gross [SBS-MVP] created a cool ZIP / batch file to automate the PDF insertion process for Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.

BEST – Skip forward to 2007 and Chad’s super-handy tool has gotten WAY better.  The new version works with WWS 2.0 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0!  Chad’s rewritten it in VBS, updated the icon to a newer PNG, and it creates an output logfile at C:\pdficon.log so you can make sure everything went smoothly.  Mega sweet!  Download the NEW PDF icon tool and try it out today!

I carry it on a USB drive keychain with my other must-have utilities.  Getting a PDF icon to display in SharePoint has never been easier.  Thanks Chad! You rock!!

Source:  Chad’s Blog

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