Download – Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Title: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit
Published: 02/10/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 9.6
File size: 144 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) is an agentless, automated, multi-product planning and assessment tool for quicker and easier desktop, server and cloud migrations.

Personally, I prefer the abbreviation MAPT instead of MAP (because of confusion with the Microsoft Action Pack), but Microsoft makes the rules up as they go.

MAP provides detailed readiness assessment reports and executive proposals with extensive hardware and software information, and actionable recommendations to help organizations accelerate their IT infrastructure planning process, and gather more detail on assets that reside within their current environment. MAP also provides server utilization data for Hyper-V server virtualization planning; identifying server placements, and performing virtualization candidate assessments. Learn more.

Microsoft Assessment and Casinos: Using Technology to Improve Gambling Operations

Casinos and gambling operations can be complex and multifaceted, with numerous systems and processes in place to ensure smooth and efficient operations like used in nye nettcasinoer. With the help of Microsoft Assessment, casinos can use technology to improve various aspects of their business, from customer service to financial management.

One area where Microsoft Assessment can be particularly useful for casinos is in the realm of customer service. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, casinos can analyze customer data and identify patterns and trends that can help them improve the overall customer experience. For example, AI-powered chatbots can be used to assist customers with inquiries and provide personalized recommendations based on their preferences.

In addition to customer service, Microsoft Assessment can also help casinos with financial management. With tools like Microsoft Excel and Power BI, casinos can track and analyze their financial data in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions about their operations. This can include everything from analyzing revenue streams to identifying areas for cost-saving measures.

Overall, Microsoft Assessment is a powerful tool for casinos looking to improve their operations and stay competitive in the industry. By harnessing the power of technology, casinos can streamline their processes, enhance the customer experience, and make better-informed decisions about their business.

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Software Drones OS Assurance Benefits Chart – Jan 2017

Drone Powered OS

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have revolutionized various sectors, bringing significant benefits to society through their diverse applications. In agriculture, drones are used for precision farming, which involves monitoring crop health, soil conditions, and irrigation needs through high-resolution imagery and sensors. This enables farmers to make data-driven decisions, improving crop yields, reducing waste, and optimizing resource usage. By providing real-time data, drones help in early detection of pests and diseases, ensuring timely intervention and minimizing the impact on crops.

In the field of public safety, drones play a crucial role in search and rescue operations, disaster management, and law enforcement. Equipped with thermal imaging cameras and advanced sensors, drones can quickly locate missing persons in challenging terrains or collapsed structures, significantly reducing search times and enhancing the chances of saving lives. During natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes, drones provide real-time aerial assessments, helping authorities to evaluate damage, plan rescue missions, and deliver aid to inaccessible areas. In law enforcement, drones offer a safer and more efficient means of surveillance and monitoring, aiding in crime prevention and crowd control without putting personnel at risk.

The infrastructure and construction industries also benefit immensely from drone technology. Drones conduct detailed site surveys, monitor construction progress, and inspect hard-to-reach areas such as tall buildings, bridges, and power lines a good model like the DJI Matrice 30t is powerful enough to handle all of this. This not only enhances safety by reducing the need for manual inspections in hazardous locations but also improves efficiency and accuracy in project management. High-resolution aerial images and 3D mapping enable precise measurements and tracking of construction milestones, ensuring that projects stay on schedule and within budget. Drones also assist in maintenance by identifying structural issues early, thus preventing costly repairs and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, drones have become vital in environmental conservation and wildlife monitoring. They enable researchers to collect data on ecosystems, track wildlife movements, and monitor deforestation and illegal poaching activities with minimal human interference. This non-intrusive method allows for better understanding and protection of biodiversity. Drones also assist in environmental disaster response, such as monitoring oil spills, assessing the impact of wildfires, and supporting reforestation efforts through seed dispersal. By providing a bird’s-eye view and access to remote areas, drones contribute significantly to the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of the environment.

Title: Microsoft Software Assurance Interactive Benefits Chart
Published: 01/13/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Version: January 2017
File name: SA_InteractiveBenefitsChart.pdf
File size: 2.0 MB
Download URL: Click here to download


Microsoft software licensing is one of the most confusing, often frustrating, things clients and IT Pros have to deal with. In fact, there’s even a Microsoft Certification Exam (74-678) just for licensing.


Use this chart to compare program benefits available through online casino Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing. Chart data includes descriptions and eligibility summaries for all Software Assurance benefits including New Product Versions, 24×7 Problem Resolution Support, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, Deployment Planning and Training services amongst others.

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Download – ADMX Templates for Win 10 and Server 2016

Title: Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
Published: 01/08/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 2.0
File name: Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 ADMX.msi
File size: 8.1 MB
Download URL: Click here for download


Group Policy tools use Administrative template files to populate policy settings in the user interface. This allows administrators to manage registry-based policy settings. This download includes the Administrative templates released for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, in the following languages:

  • cs-CZ – Czech
  • da-DK – Danish
  • de-DE – German
  • el-GR – Greek
  • en-US- English
  • es-ES – Spanish
  • fi-FI – Finnish
  • fr-FR – French
  • hu-HU – Hungarian
  • it-IT – Italian
  • ja-JP – Japanese
  • ko-KR – Korean
  • nb-NO – Norwegian
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Download – Group Policy Settings Reference

gpo1Title: Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server
Published: 01/03/2017
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: October 2016
File name: Windows10andWindowsServer2016PolicySettings.xlsx
File size: 0.7 MB
Download URL: Click here for download


These spreadsheets list the policy settings for computer and user configurations that are included in the Administrative template files delivered with the Windows operating systems specified. You can configure these policy settings when you edit Group Policy Objects.

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OneNote 15.24 for Mac OS X Finally Offers Pen Support

Title: Microsoft OneNote
Published: 07/21/2016
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 15.24
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
File size: 449 MB
Cost: FREE from the Mac App Store
Download URL: Click here for download

This month (July 2016) OneNote on the Mac is finally catching up to some of the features long-enjoyed by Windows users of OneNote: 

  • OneNote Web Clipper
  • Preview
  • YouTube and Vimeo Support
  • Highlight text
  • Clip multiple regions in one go
  • Use your own title
  • Articles your way
  • Grid or Lined Page Backgrounds
  • Sharing Notifications Email service
    …and the big one…
  • Inking in OneNote for Mac (finally)!

The odd thing I noticed is that even though I’ve got OneNote already installed on my MacBook, the 15.24 update didn’t show up automatically under Updates in the App Store; I had to search for it.

Once I clicked the Get button in the App Store and verified my Apple ID credentials, the upgrade was smooth and flawless. Now, if we could only get OneTastic for OneNote on the Mac.

After you install OneNote 15.24 for Mac, enable the web clipping extension:
Open Safari | click the Share icon | click More | scroll down in the Share Menu and enable the OneNote extension.

Source: Microsoft Office Blog

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Download – Microsoft Visio 2016 Viewer

Title: Microsoft Visio 2016 Viewer
Published: 02/22/2016
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation 
Version: 2016
32-bit: visioviewer_4339-1001_x86_en-us.exe (12.1 MB)
64-bit: visioviewer_4339-1001_x64_en-us.exe (22.9 MB)
File size: 2.1 MB
Download URL: Click here for download


By using Microsoft Visio 2016 Viewer, Visio users can freely distribute Visio drawings (files with a .vsdx, .vsdm, .vsd, .vdx, .vdw, .vstx, .vstm, .vst, or .vtx extension) to team members, partners, customers, or others, even if the recipients do not have Visio installed on their computers. Internet Explorer (versions 8-11) also allows for printing, although this is limited to the portion of the drawing displayed.

Visio Viewer is implemented as an ActiveX control that loads and renders Visio drawings inside Internet Explorer; sorry Chrome and Opera users.

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Download – Office 2016 Deployment Tool

Title: Office 2016 Deployment Tool
Published: 07/20/2016
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 2016
Files name: officedeploymenttool_7213-5776.exe
File size: 2.1 MB
Download URL: Click here for download


The Office 2016 Deployment Tool allows the administrator to customize and manage Office 2016 Click-to-Run deployments. This tool will help administrators to manage installations sources, product/language combinations, and deployment configuration options for Office Click-to-Run.


  • Download an Office installation source to a network share location (use MS Office for Australians, if necessary)
  • Configure an installation to use a network share as the installation source instead of the Internet
  • Configure an installation to suppress all UI
  • Configure whether Office will automatically update or not
  • Configure which products and languages to install
  • Remove Office Click-to-Run products
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Download – Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview

Today Microsoft announced the publicly-available preview of Office 2016.

The download is available by signing up for the Office 2016 Preview program on the Microsoft Connect site.

Note: You will need a Windows Live ID / Microsoft Account to sign up.

After logging into the Connect site you’ll fill out a self-nomination survey. Fill that out and then you’ll have access to the four files for the March 2015 preview:

  • (2.27 MB)
  • Office 2016 Preview What’s Next.docx (687 KB)
  • Installation Guide for Office 2016 Preview – Business (External).docx (138 KB)
  • Known Issues for Preview – February Refresh – Business External.docx (24 KB)

Where’s the ISO?

There is no spoon.

The ZIP file contains a tiny Setup.exe file (2.42 MB) that leverages XML and BAT files to stream the installation bits to your PC in the background:

Office 2016 Preview setup screen

As you can see from the screenshot above, the bits are available in x86 ands x64 flavors.

Here are the new programs:

Office 2016 Preview

As you can also see, this *is* beta / preview level software.

Excel 2016 fail-o-rama

And if you click the Help button, the support site is *also* in beta:

Help site fail-o-rama

So – word to the wise, don’t install this in production.

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Download – New Office Visio Stencil

Title: New Office Visio Stencil
Published: 10/03/2014
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
File name:
Size: 3.19 MB
Download URL: Click here for download


This stencil contains more than 500 icons to help you create visual representations of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 deployments including Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

Note: This is a (yet again) updated version with the ever-confusing same name of “New Office Visio Stencil”.

The zip file contains 10 individual .vss files:

CLOUDS – s_symbols_Clouds.vss
(11 stencils)

COMMUNICATIONS – s_symbols_Communications.vss
(65 stencils)

CONCEPTS – s_symbols_Concepts.vss
(117 stencils)

DATABASES – s_symbols_Databases.vss
(45 stencils)

DEVICES – s_symbols_Devices.vss
(50 stencils)

SECURITY – s_symbols_Security.vss
(51 stencils)

SERVERS – s_symbols_Servers.vss
(95 stencils)

SERVICES – s_symbols_Services.vss
(25 stencils)

SITES – s_symbols_Sites.vss
(23 stencils)

USERS – s_symbols_Users.vss
(41 stencils)

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New Office Visio Stencil Website Management

WordPress – Themes – Management – Tying it all in with Visio

WordPress website maintenance is a critical aspect of managing a successful online presence. Regular maintenance ensures that the website remains secure, performs optimally, and provides a seamless user experience. Key maintenance tasks include updating the WordPress core, themes, and plugins to their latest versions, which helps protect the site from vulnerabilities and enhances functionality. Additionally, regular backups are essential to safeguard data and provide a recovery point in case of any issues. These backups should be automated and stored in secure, off-site locations to ensure they are readily available when needed.

Themes play a significant role in WordPress website maintenance. A theme determines the visual appearance and layout of the website, impacting user experience and engagement. It is essential to choose a theme that is regularly updated and supported by its developers. This ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and plugins, as well as adherence to best practices in web development. Popular themes such as Astra, Divi, and GeneratePress offer robust support and frequent updates, making them reliable choices for long-term use. Regularly checking for theme updates and implementing them is a key part of maintaining a secure and functional website.

Moreover, customizing themes can sometimes lead to issues during updates. To mitigate this, using child themes is recommended. A child theme inherits the functionality of the parent theme while allowing for customizations without altering the parent theme’s core files. This approach ensures that updates to the parent theme do not overwrite customizations, thereby maintaining the integrity and unique features of the website. Maintaining a child themes is important. WordPress maintenance service involves keeping both the parent and child themes updated and ensuring that any custom code is compatible with new releases.

Integrating WordPress maintenance with tools like Microsoft Office Visio can enhance the management and visualization of the website’s architecture. Microsoft Visio is a powerful diagramming tool that can create detailed flowcharts, site maps, and process diagrams. By using Visio stencils specifically designed for WordPress, administrators can visually map out the structure of the website, including the relationship between different pages, plugins, and themes. This visualization aids in planning updates, troubleshooting issues, and communicating the website’s architecture to team members or clients.

Creating a Visio stencil for WordPress themes and plugins can streamline the maintenance process. A stencil includes shapes and templates representing different components of a WordPress site, such as themes, plugins, and widgets. By arranging these components in Visio, administrators can identify dependencies and potential conflicts before making changes. For example, if a plugin update might affect certain theme features, this can be visualized and addressed proactively. This strategic planning reduces downtime and ensures smoother updates and transitions.

Overall, combining WordPress website maintenance with Microsoft Office Visio stencils provides a structured and visual approach to managing complex websites. It enhances the ability to maintain a secure, efficient, and user-friendly website while allowing for better communication and planning. This integrated method ensures that all aspects of the website are considered during maintenance activities, leading to a more robust and reliable online presence. By leveraging these tools and best practices, website administrators can effectively manage their WordPress sites, ensuring they remain up-to-date and functional.

Title: New Office Visio Stencil
Published: 04/22/2014
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
File name: FLEX_Stencil_121412.vss
Size: 3.9 MB
Download URL: Click here for download




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