The Shirt Off My Back

Sitting in a conference room one day, I thought “You know what would make a great T-shirt” and told some folks my idea. They agreed, Rob dared me to shut up and do it, and I can’t turn down a dare, so this is mostly his fault. The shirt has Dale on it from the “Have U Rebooted Yet” webcomic and he’s saying “THAT’S GREAT FEEDBACK…”

The new "THAT'S GREAT FEEDBACK..." Official "Have U Rebooted Yet?" T-shirt

This is the first time I’ve done a T-shirt, and if it turns out anything like the first batch of buttons, it’s probably horrible. Rob from should be able to tell us, since he was daft enough to buy the first one. If his isn’t lousy I’ll buy some too.

It’s over on the Cafe Press store for Have U Rebooted Yet? Details below.

T-shirt sizes (I like my names better)The shirt comes in 6 sizes:

  • Sickly (small)
  • Hipster (medium)
  • Diet Soda (large)
  • Couch Potato (XL)
  • Blood Clot (2XL)
  • Eulogy (3XL)

To dogs, all these colors look the sameAnd you can pick from 9 swanky colors:

  • Ninja Black
  • Annoying Red
  • Dead Cardinal
  • I Have No Clever Name For Navy
  • Halo Military Green
  • Poop Brown
  • Equally Annoying Royal
  • Tombstone Charcoal
  • My College Color Was Kelly Green

You can probably imagine why I dropped out of college.

All proceeds from any Have U Rebooted Yet merchandise purchases go towards selfish and impulsive, or purchases of crap I don’t really need. Since Sept 2010, I have amassed $1.50. In yer face, Trump!

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