Top Keywords from the TechEd 2011 Keynote

If you’ve heard as many Microsoft keynotes as I have, sometimes they start to run together and it’s easy to focus on soundbites while missing the overall feel. So there’s a ‘fun’ little game I like to play sometimes to take the overall temperature of a presentation or keynote. That game involves using public transcripts of keynotes and running them through Microsoft Office 2010 to look at word counts.

If you ever wondered where I came up with most of the words for
SMB Buzzword Bingo”, it was by scrubbing keynotes.
(Yes, Lee, I have too much time on my hands.)

Below is an excerpt of what I gleaned from the transcript of the May 16, 2011 TechEd NA keynote. You can look at the 18,895 word transcript here:

Note: Because this is my game, I play by my rules, meaning that I delete words I find boring like “of, the, yes, etc.” or any other word that I’m not wanting to track. In other words, if you run a word count on the transcript yourself, you may find words I didn’t track, like “MSDN” (2 times) or “Tech•Ed” (8 times). My choices below are specific words I’m interested in seeing if they were mentioned at all, and if so, how many times.

Top Keywords from teh TechEd 2011Keynote

Observation: I wasn’t surprised by “Cloud” (103), but “Partner” (1) did catch me off guard a bit.

Some other notables (some are a subset of the hits above):

  • Visual Studio (38)
  • System Center (20)
  • Windows Phone / Windows Phone 7 (15)
  • Office 365 (12)
  • SQL (4)
  • Windows 7 (3)
  • TechNet (0)
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