MVP Profile – Now With Monkeys

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I got the news of the SBS-MVP award for 2008 (my first).  Yeah, I was shocked too.

It’s been pretty cool so far, with lots, and lots, and LOTS of email to read. They call it ‘The Firehose’. And they’re not kidding.

In fact, here is a video of what it’s like to be a new MVP:

Seriously, I do wonder how folks keep up with this level information flow.

Anyway, tonight I got the credentials to finally upload my MVP profile.  There’s no HTML or fanciness allowed, just plain text. Hopefully the Microsoft folks have a good sense of humor and won’t veto my content.  Also, if you speak Portuguese,  I could use some help with the grammar. KTHX. 🙂

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