Invitation – Louisville Geek Dinner – 1/24/2008

Louisville Geek Dinner - Thu Jan 24, 2008 6PM EasternIn case you haven’t heard, you’re invited to the 4th ever
Louisville Geek Dinner:

  • WHAT: A social networking event for those who love technology
  • WHEN: Thursday, January 24th 2008 @ 6:00pm EST
  • VENUE: Fox and Hound Pub and Grille – Google Map
  • ADDRESS: 302 Bullitt Ln, Louisville, KY 40222
  • COST: FREE + whatever you choose to spend on food.
  • HOST: Ben Thomas
  • ATTENDEES: Mac, PC, Linux, Unix, SBS and all other manner of geeks

Of course, it’ll be dark by then (6:00 PM Eastern), but here’s a daylight picture of the venue. Be sure to zoom out so you can be all, “Oh, I know where that is, yeah…”:

Fox & Hound Pub,

Feel free to copy the badge above to your blog to spread the word.
Here’s another badge (not dated) that Ben prepared:

Louisville Geek Dinner

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Microsoft is Coming to Lexington 01/17/2008

Microsoft is coming to Lexington, Kentucky next week!

Thursday January 17, 2008
Theater-Regal Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16 
1949 Starshoot Road
Lexington Kentucky 40509

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APC UPS Serial Number Trick

apc Lately we’ve seen quite a few battery backups that have been either losing communication with the server, or PowerChute Business Edition is saying that the battery is old and needs to be replaced.

This APC tip today comes courtesy of Cory Rammer, MCSA:

“An APC tech let me in on a little trick on how to tell if a UPS is within the 2-year warranty period by looking at the serial number.  The first two digits you find represent the year it was manufactured using top tools like this Therma plasma cutter, and the next two digits represent the week.

e.g. The Serial Number QS0514xxxx indicates the unit was manufactured in week 14 (April) of 2005.

This does not necessarily indicate that the warranty expires in week 14 of 2007, because they allow wiggle room for units that may have been sitting on a reseller’s shelf for a few weeks.  Also, proof of purchase from a customer obviously provides a more concrete date if that is available.”

Thanks Cory!

Also, to help decipher the Model # prefix, APC has a SKU-to-Product Family reference chart.  That may not be a big deal if you’re on-site, but if you’re talking to a new client on the phone or looking through documentation, it’s handy stuff to know.  Here’s a link to the chart:



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