Unified Messaging the Xbox 360 Way

Microsoft announced yesterday (8 April 2007) that they’re opening up the Xbox LIVE IM network (6 million-strong) to the Windows Live Messenger (260 million-strong) network.

“Who cares,” you say?  Gamers, clients, employees, your kids.  Today is a travel day for Matt (hello Cleveland!) but I’m sure he cares too.  And so should you.

Think about it:

Scenario 1 (uncool) – You’re tired of playing with ios games for money and gaming away on PGR3 and your boss pops up an IM to ask how those TPS reports are coming.  Icky!

Scenario 2 (kinda cool) – Unified messaging becomes a reality with Exchange 2007, the whole ‘access anywhere’ scenario could conceivably include getting email and voicemail on your 360.

Scenario 3 (totally cool) – Knocking out those simple IM questions without getting off the couch and exiting your game.  Nice!

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