Crazy Screen Shots – Got Cores?

I’ve been saving up my crazy screen shots for a while, here are a few.

Got Cores?

Yep - 24 cores

Photos from the future:

Photos from the future

Back to the future:
We come from the year 30,044

He’s dead, Jim:

Google Chrome error

And this is what killed him, Jim:

Successful execution

Anti-virus definition version mismatch?

177, 587 - yep, they match

UAC dares you to click Continue:

Go ahead, click Continue (if you can find it)

Jurassic Defrag:

You say that your computer is slow? REALLY?

9-year-old XP Pro Service Pack 2 box spotted in the wild:

9-year-old XP Pro Service Pack 2 box spotted in the wild

Awesome failwhale page on the website: failwhale page

What is he doing to that pyramid?

What is he doing to that pyramid?

My ancestors started this StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup:

My ancestors started this backup job (76 years ago)

Last, but not least…

As an IT admin, you try to protect people from bad things on the Internet.

You try telling people not to surf ‘personal’ stuff at work, but do they listen?

Nope, they do not.

And what happens when Trend Micro blocks your surfing habits when you’re logged into a Windows Multipoint Server?

EVERY EMPLOYEE on the WMS sees this message too:

Don't surf bad places on company computers, people. Especially not on WMS 2011

Nice job, dude. I tried to warn you…

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