Antivirus XP now Antivirus Plus

Like a big catfish going after a dough ball, folks are snapping up malware like it’s a $20 bill blowing across a parking lot. Specifically, we’re talking about the old “Antivirus XP”, which is now making the rounds re-branded as “Antivirus Plus”.


System Tray

Antivirus Plus system tray message

Desktop Icon

If you're smart, you won't run this program

Fake Infection Alert

The only 'malicious software' that needs to be removed in this picture is Antivirus Plus itself!

And I’d be willing to bet there are entries in the Quick Launch bar and start menu as well.


** Antivirus XP 2008, 2009 and Antivirus Plus are SPYWARE! **

They are not helpful programs, and you certainly shouldn’t give these folks your credit card number, OK??

Scroll down for removal instructions. Thank you! 🙂

Props to Kevin Royalty [SBS-MVP] for snapping these pics on his camera phone.

According to Kevin, our old pal Malwarebytes still gets rid of this nasty. Thanks for the heads-up Kev!

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