Vista Registration Deadline for Promo Copy

image If you attended a TS2, TechNet or Windows Server 2008 launch event in 2008, you may have gotten a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 in a gray envelope like the one pictured on the right.

If you’ve not opened that package yet (I know I didn’t) you need to before the end of December 2008 and register to get your installation key.

To register, grab your envelope, find the 8-digit alpha-numeric code inside, and go to today. Then simply fill in your contact info, take a short survey, and PID will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes.

Note: This key will work for the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Vista, but the CD inside the envelope only has the 32-bit version.

Props: Found on Dan Stolts blog

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