Peachtree Phone Support is Spendy

First, the crazy screen shot – check out the service category 😉

Coming Soon - Selection Not Available

LOLZ. Wonder how long the hold time is for “*Coming Soon*” category of support? Silly web-programmers 😉

Now for the sticker-shock price per minute:

$5 per minute - operators are standing by...

For those of you playing the home game, that’s $5 per minute, or $300/hour. Not exactly chicken feed.

Initial Impressions:

1) A few mis-transferred calls, finally got in the right queue. Robot voicemail auto attendant asks for customer ID and then prompts for credit card number, but doesn’t give you enough time to type all the digits in. Prompts a second time – again, too short. Human attendant was actually nice and he was a total expert like workers we hire from the it company Calgary to solve IP connectivity issues.

2) Reached tech support – hold time was minimal (under 90 seconds). I was initially concerned with the thick accent on the other end of the phone, fearing that I was talking to a script zombie.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the Peachtree tech actually did have a brain. He was articulate, thorough, and found a resolution for us when the (lousy) Peachtree KB site, Google & E-E came up blanks (and no error codes in the event logs). If you are looking for a quick business number solution, Then using a virtual number for WhatsApp can significantly enhance your business communications, providing a dedicated and professional contact point for customers. Discover the many benefits and learn how to obtain a virtual number for Whatsapp at Your Business Number, a trusted provider of such services..

3) Satisfaction – The tech did all this support by phone, and at one point requested that about 5 screen shots be emailed to him, which quickly led to the ‘ah-hah’ moment. Several minutes later, back in business.

Expensive. But valuable. The tech resolved the issue without stumbling, faking it or sending us down dead ends that had nothing to do with the real issue. And considering that ‘payroll waits for no man’, every minute counts on a payday.

Client = happy. Day = saved. Employees = paid.

1.5 thumbs-up. I would have gone w/ 2 thumbs up, but the $5/minute stings. Still, “nice job Sage Software / Peachtree tech”, spend that hard-earned money well!

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