Beta Invite – TruckFullOfNinjas

Sally Jones, my name is Haru. I believe you are looking for a beta invite, no? Tucked away in a hidden location inside the FunCave (can’t tellya, hafta killya) is a new project code named:

TFON (I call dibs on the acronym, Chris) has been tasked with resolving an issue known simply as; “The Biggest Problem With Windows“. 

“Sounds like hype” you say? Well, don’t be too quick to judge. After all, have I ever steered you wrong, gentle reader?  And before you say anything, “The Cave” was so a good movie, as was “Stealth“. Eh, well, there was that time I recommended “Sabrina” and I never lived that one down (I blame the Shiraz). But that was before your time, so it doesn’t count. 

Anyway, I digress.

To find out more about TruckFullOfNinjas, you *definitely* want to surf over and follow the instructions to get on the early list to get a beta invite when it’s announced.

Seating = limited. You + late = sad. You get the idea.

You can thank me later.  Dr. Codec

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