Geek Squad Employee Busted

Usually, technology and convergence of digital devices are wonderful things.  But when a Best Buy Geek Squad employee abuses technology to *allegedly* use his cell phone to video record a female customer showering in their own home, that’s disgusting.  Just imagine if that was your wife or sister – it’s unbelievable! 

Best Buy does background & credit history checks before they hire people.  Yet with over 90,000 employees, there are obviously some rotten apples in the bunch.  How many other bad apples are out there (at GS & other companies).  Have you done background checks on your employees?

I’ve got to wonder what the backlash and ramifications for everyone in the SMB market will be.  It seems like industry regulations for IT can’t be far behind.

One thing is for sure, this dude will never be a “Sleeper“, and that’s a good thing.

Source:  Gizmodo

(I use the word ‘allegedly’ for legal purposes.)

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