1,000,000 Viruses

How many new viruses come out per month?  Back in the day we quoted 300 per month, then 400.  And today some say 1,968 per month.  That’s 64 new viruses per day / 21 each night while you sleep / 2.6 per hour.  Sobering thought, isn’t it?

Fortunately, you’ve got anti-virus software to protect you.  But how good is it?

Austrian firm AV Comparatives unleashed 1,000,000 virus samples on the top anti-virus products in their 13th comparative test of on-demand detection of malicious software.  The 17 victims were:

Obviously, some AV companies are MIA from that list.  How did your favorite AV software stack up? 

Hit the jump to the PDF report to find out (9 pages – 0.6 MB).

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