Divorce On A Stick

Breaking the law just got even easier kiddos.  Now any idiot with $59.95 can violate trust between parents & kids, spouses, employees or co-workers by simply plugging in a USB stick.

Enter “SnoopStick” from CYBERsitter, or as I like to call it, “Yet another reason to lock down those USB ports in Windows Vista.”

“Oh,” you say, “that’s stuff’s been around forever.”  True – but it’s never been this easy before.  Any AOLer could pull this off.

Keep in mind, I have no problem with internet usage monitoring and reporting.  I’m a huge fan of ISA and sharing the reports with the business owners, employees, and even family members on the home network.  What I take issue with is surreptitious snooping and monitoring.

Read on.

The SnoopStick takes under 60 seconds to install, has no commands or passwords to remember, and lets you monitor PC activity in real time from any PC across the web.

Here are some of the ‘major features’:

  • Monitor all web site access (Works with all browsers and web enabled programs.)
  • Monitor both sides of all “instant messenger” communications (all popular IM programs.)
  • Monitor all email access:  SMTP, POP3, IMAP (to & from info.)
  • Monitor activities in real time, or retrieve activity logs from recent activity.
  • SnoopStick records EVERYTHING, whether you are monitoring in real time or not.
  • Store up to 12 months of activity logs.
  • All program modules are updated completely automatically.
  • Send the user a pop up message alert. A good way to tell them they’re busted!
  • Turn off/on Internet access with the SnoopStick locally or remotely.
  • Set allowable times for Internet access.
  • Prevent users from using certain types of Internet programs.
  • Block access to specified ports.
  • Block access to web sites.
  • One click “Block Social Networking” option instantly blocks access to sites like MySpace.com.
  • Completely secure. Only your SnoopStick can access your computer or change the settings you have chosen.
  • Works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and is Vista ready.

Of course, this is all completely legal according to their website FAQ, as long as you own the computer?  And nobody would ever install this without telling their spouse / employees / etc. right?

And nobody would ever install this on an employee’s home computer without them knowing about it.  You know, the computer they use to access OWA, RPC over HTTP, http://companyweb and the corporate VPN, right?  Of course not! 

Just imagine the possible ramifications:  One of your employees who telecommutes every other Friday ends up in a custody battle with contested divorce lawyers and a cabinet full of legal bills.   The spouse pull out their trusty little SnoopStick that is filled with IM conversations and sensitive corporate info labeled ‘Exhibit C’.  Projected right up there on the big screen.  No PR nightmare there.

“HIPPA, party of two, your table is ready…”   Good times.

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