Windows Vista Software Compatibility List

How many times in the last 2 months has a customer asked you, “Does XYZ software work with Windows Vista?” 

Personally, I lost count.  And obtaining the answer typically involves googling or surfing the manufacturer’s website.

Fortunately, the good folks over at IeXwiki have a nice wiki that lists software compatibility with Windows Vista.  The three compatibility categories are:

  • Works
  • Has problems, but they can be solved / minor unsolved
  • Heavy problems, currently incompatible

Since this is a wiki, anyone can add to or correct the list as needed.  And you also have to take the wiki with a grain of salt, because anyone can add to or correct the list as needed.  So use this site is a reference only, not a benchmark set in stone. 

For Windows Vista hardware compatibility, check out the forum on Tom’s Hardware.

Of course, you can always use the trusty Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (6.6 MB), but that assumes that you’re sitting at the machine to run it.

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