Mailbag – Spot The Fake E-mail

From the mailbag:

“Is the email below a valid email from you guys?”

Exhibit A:



It’s fake.

If you’re not in IT, that e-mail may (at first glance) seem legit.

Here is some helpful info to assist end users in spotting a fake:

What's wrong with this email picture?

  1. “mailbox” is not the name of your administrator.
  2. “” is not your domain name.
  3. Bad grammar.
  4. “Quota/Limit” is not a registered trademark ®
  5. Camel Caps: Who Writes Email Like This?
  6. Mouse-over the link (without clicking on it) and you’ll see that it’s going to some website called “”.

Seriously, man. These are deals, bro...

Teach a man to fish…

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