Additional RSS Feed for Have U Rebooted Yet

With a couple dozen “Have U Rebooted Yet?” comics under my belt, I’ve received a lot of feedback – thank you all! It’s been fun!

One particular piece of feedback I’ve gotten from Wayne Small was the request to add an RSS feed specifically for the webcomic. It took some digging to find a WordPress plug-in that would do the trick, but I’m happy to say that the work is complete and the additional RSS feed is available now!

To find the RSS feed for the comic, just click on the “Comic-only Feed:” link on any page of the blog (picture below):

Here's the link for the new comic-only RSS feed

Here are the URLs for both RSS feeds:

If you want to add similar multiple RSS feed functionality to your WordPress blog, check out the plugin:

Note: I took the URL the plugin created for my “Have U Rebooted Yet” category, and then forwarded that through Feedburner, but you can just use the URL the plugin creates as-is.

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