SBS 2008 View User OWA Enabled/Disabled Status

Some people like to turn off Outlook Web Access (OWA) for certain employees for security reasons. Of course, you can individually double-click users in the console to see if OWA is enabled…

OWA status per-user via the SBS 2008 console

…or via the Exchange Management Console…

OWA status in the Exchange 2007 Management Console

…but there is no speedy way in the SBS 2008 console to get a master list of the OWA status for all users.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way with a simple PowerShell cmdlet.

To see OWA status for all users:

  • Click Start
  • All Programs
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Exchange Management Shell
  • Copy the following PowerShell cmdlet to your clipboard:

Get-CASMailbox | ft DisplayName, OWAEnabled

  • And paste it into the Management Shell window:

Past the cmdlet into the PowerShell window to see a list of OWA status for users

That will give you an output similar to the following which shows the OWA status for ALL users:

Output of the PowerShell cmdlet - OWA Status

Voilà, the OWA status master list!

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also add the fields SamAccountName and ActiveSyncEnabled to add depth your report.

Below are some other options with PowerShell cmdlets you might like.

Export above report to a CSV file:

Get-CASMailbox | Select Name, OWAEnabled | Export-CSV c:\file.csv

See OWA Enabled users only:

Get-CASMailbox | where { $_.OWAEnabled } | ft DisplayName, OWAEnabled

See OWA Disabled users only:

Get-CASMailbox | where { !$_.OWAEnabled } | ft DisplayName, OWAEnabled

See ActiveSync Enabled users only:

Get-CASMailbox | Where-Object { $_.ActiveSyncEnabled } | ft DisplayName, SamAccountName, ActiveSyncEnabled

See ActiveSync Disabled users only:

Get-CASMailbox | Where-Object { !$_.ActiveSyncEnabled } | ft DisplayName, SamAccountName, ActiveSyncEnabled

**One of my personal faves**
See both the ActiveSync and OWA status for all users:

Get-CASMailbox | ft DisplayName, SamAccountName, ActiveSyncEnabled, OWAEnabled

See ActiveSync information for a particular user:

Get-ActivesyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox mailboxname

PowerShell output showing Activesync mobile device info

Source: TechNet Exchange 2007 Library

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Have U Rebooted Yet – 027 – SMB Buzzword Bingo

Have U Rebooted Yet? #027 - SMB Buzzword Bingo

Note: There are several sites on the web for making custom business-jargon bingo cards, so I decided to make my own. Mine was done using Excel 2010 and you can download the .XLSX file for yourself to customize it. Just click on the “Buzzwords” tab at the bottom and edit the words in the list. If you get duplicate words, just hit SHIFT-F9 again.
Enjoy! Smile

File Name: SMB Buzzword Bingo.xlsx
Size: 40.8 KB
Format: Office 2010
Download URL: Click here

UPDATE 8/25: If you click on the link above, it will open the spreadsheet with the Excel Web App on Windows Sky Drive. Since SHIFT-F9 doesn’t work on the Excel Web App, you can click Data | Calculate Workbook.

Data | Calculate Worksheet

Or, you can hit File | Download a Copy to save the .XLSX to your local machine.

File | Download a Copy

(Personally, I think it looks better when downloaded locally since cell wrap and text orientation don’t work in Excel Web Apps.)

UPDATE 8/15 1:25 PM: Mad props to Tim Long of TiGra Networks in South Wales for resolving the duplicate box issue on the spreadsheet. You rock!! Smile

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Recent SBS KB Articles – August 2010 Part Deux

Here’s another batch of new/updated SBS KB articles

SBS 2008 Recent KBs:

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KYSBSUG August 2010 – SBS 2008 Disaster Recovery

KYSBSUG August 2010 Meeting #78 –
SBS 2008 Disaster Recovery Using Hyper-V

KYSBSUG - Kentucky Small Business Server User GroupPresenters: Tim Barrett & Kevin Royalty
Date: Wednesday August 18, 2010
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM Eastern
Venue: Money Concepts
Address: 323 Townepark Circle, Louisville, KY 40243
Map: Click here
Registration URL: Click here to register today!


Your customer calls and says, "Our server is completely destroyed, but we have the backups."

What’s your next move? Do you have hardware on standby? Do you have a well-documented plan so you can spring into action?  Or will you just wing it?

Join us this month for a joint presentation with CiNPA and KYSBSUG as we talk about disaster recovery of SBS and show how to restore an SBS 2008 native backup and ShadowProtect backups into Hyper-V. This talk is based on real-life recovery situations and personal experiences.

Registration URL:
Due to limited seating, registration *is* required.
Click here to register today!

Click here to register today!

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Crazy Screen Shots – Outlook Takes 5 Days to Send

Sender complains that when they send an email the recipient doesn’t get it until 5 days later. Inbound email works fine. This is on a POP3 account (with no Exchange involved).

The source of the problem was located in the Outbox:

You've Got Mail!

Yep, that’s right, a 95 MB email attachment (sent twice). Smile

Once those items were deleted from the Outbox, email flow returned to normal.

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Recent SBS KB Articles– August 2010

Here’s the latest info on new SBS KB articles.

SBS 2008 Recent KBs:

SBS 2003 Recent KBs:

SBS 2008 Installation Help:

SBS 2008 Migration Help:

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