Schoolhouse Rock Meets WGA

supergeekChris doesn’t call me Doctor Codec for nothing – I LOVE playing with video and audio, especially when it’s of the Geek flavor. 

Today I found this video (run time 5:00) on the Microsoft Software Piracy Protection website, and it just smacked of Schoolhouse Rock, sans music, so I had to share it with everyone. 

It’s quirky and a little bit ‘Hey Arnold’ but it’s also very memorable and does an excellent job of reinforcing that Microsoft Volume Licensing is for UPGRADES ONLY – not naked PCs or home-built systems.  I don’t know why people don’t understand that licensing limitation this day and age, but hopefully this will help spread the word.


There is also a new series of videos called “Genuine Fact Files“.  They’re well done in a comic book / Dick Tracy / Geek Noir format:

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