No Geek Left Behind – Episode 003

Episode 003 gets a touch of class with a brief voice over intro from our favorite UK SMB girl across the pond, Susanne Dansey. (Thanks Susanne!) And after that high point, everthing pretty much goes down hill. ūüėČ

But seriously, 003 is a video tour inside the Microsoft Across America (MSAM) Technology Truck / Bus / RV / whatever you want to call it. I hosted the MSAM truck for an event last fall and took some time in the afternoon to chat up Mike Voorhees, the Technology Specialist onboard.  Mike was kind enough to give us the nickle tour and to endure my stupid jokes about socks in the RV attic and Microsoft BOB. 

And even though the video¬†talks about only¬†Certified and Gold Partners getting the truck, Microsoft Small Business Specialists¬†can get it too (talk to your PAM).¬† Case in point,¬†Jon Been at Beechtree IT Solutions (a Microsoft Small Business Specialist) is hosting the Microsoft Truck in New Albany, Indiana on 14 September 2006.¬† It’s one of the brand new trucks, even bigger than before.¬† I’ll be there too, so come check it out!¬†

On to the video..

Title:  No Geek Left Behind РEpisode 003
Subject:  The Magic Bus (MSAM Truck)
Run time:  16 minutes 48 seconds

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