Seagate Dips Their Toe in the Storage Spaces Water

Western Digital has been around for a while with their WD Sentinel SMB storage appliances, and now Seagate has joined the fray.

Enter the Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-Bay NAS.

Windows Storage Server 2012 Available with Seagate's New 4-Bay Business Storage NAS

OK, so right about now you’re saying, “Hey, a NAS and Storage Spaces aren’t the same thing.” But, if you look closer at the specs you’ll notice that this little box includes Windows Storage Server 2012 Workgroup, which means (drumroll please) it includes Storage Spaces.

Plus, it comes in four flavors:

  • 4TB ($1,005 ERP) #STDM4000100
  • 8 TB ($1,334 ERP) #STDM8000100
  • 12 TB ($,1539 ERP) #STDM12000100
  • 16 TB ($1,744 ERP) #STDM16000100

With a posted speed of up to 200 MB/sec you’re not exactly in SSD territory speed-wise, but you do get a lot of storage for your money.

Rather than listen to me re-hash all the specs, check out the blog post by Scott Johnson or cruise over to the official Seagate website for the NAS.

Props: @supersquatchy

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