What Windows Phone 7 Apps Should I Use?

Whenever someone starts out with a new device (iPad, smartphone, etc.) the hardest part is learning all the ins and outs. After that comes the inevitable question, “What apps should I download?” Well if you like gaming, check here เกมส์สล็อตออนไลน์ที่สนุกของไทย.

Apps are largely an extension of the person using the phone (job-related, social apps, time-wasters, etc.) With that thought in mind, below is a list of what’s on my Windows Phone 7, which happens to be an HTC Arrive on Sprint. If you are looking for games, check this one out.

– All apps listed below are FREE unless marked with “$” symbol.
– Items in BOLD are docked in my Start page.
– I haven’t listed any games on this site.

Your apps: If there’s a WP7 app that you think should be in the list, please add it to the comments below.

The Apps On My Windows Phone 7:

App Name

What It’s Used For

4th & Mayor

4th & Mayor

Adobe® Reader®

Adobe Reader

PDF reader
BeeTagg QR Reader


QR Code Reader
Dictionary.com - Dictionary and Thesaurus Dictionary.com – Dictionary Reference
eBay eBay Mobile eBay app
ESPN ScoreCenter ESPN ScoreCenter Sports scores
EventBrite Raffle EventBrite Raffle Helps with random drawings for door prize at user group events (if the attendees registered with EventBrite).
Evernote Evernote Like OneNote, but not as nice. Syncs with my desktop and iPad though, and you can use the web interface too. Great for organizing notes on multiple devices.
Fart Nukes Free Fart Nukes Free For irritating other people.
Flickr Flickr Links to my pictures online.
GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Prices I use this app a lot! It’s updated regularly, and sometimes I’ll find gas for $0.10-$0.15 cheaper per gallon only a few blocks off the beaten path.
The Home Depot The Home Depot Handy price lookups for parts around the house.
IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities Almost every time we go out to dinner and I hear, “What’s the name of that girl who was in the movie with what’s-his-face with the dog from outer space?” Now we know.
Lynkee Lynkee Barcode reader. I’m trying to find a nice reader that does barcodes and QR codes and Microsoft Tag codes. Haven’t found the perfect one yet.
Microsoft Partner Info Microsoft Partner Info Information resource for Microsoft Partners (promos, news, videos, etc.). Think “Eric Ligman inside your phone.”
Microsoft Store Microsoft Store This app is not very useful if you don’t have a Microsoft Store near you, but I’m hoping it improves w/ time.
moTweets moTweets This is the Twitter app I use on my WP7.
MyComic MyComic Put comic captions on your photos.
My Contact Info Free My Contact Info Free Lets you create a QR code with your contact info.
My Home Server My Home Server Manage your WHS 2011 box from your WP7, stream music, videos and look at pics. Very handy.
MyIP MyIP Simple IP display tool.
Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite soundboard for irritating other people, or for the occasional sprinkling of awesomeness in conference rooms.
NeoReader NeoReader QR reader, not as cool as the logo or the name implies.
Netflix Netflix Streaming goodness (provided you have decent bars of signal).
Portal 2 Soundbox Portal 2 Soundbox Soundboard for the Portal 2 game.
REALTOR.com® Real Estate Search REALTOR.com Real Estate Search See homes that are for sale. Really nice interface.
Schwarzenegger Soundboard Schwarzenegger Soundboard Get to da choppa!
SIX Stop Watch SIX Stop Watch Very clean and nice stopwatch app.
Slick Deals Slick Deals You can find some awesome deals on here.
Springboard Series for Microsoft® Office Springboard Series for Office IT Pro deployment and management content for Microsoft Office.
Springboard for Windows® Springboard Series for Windows Materials and resources for IT Pros for Microsoft Windows.
System Information System Information Very nice app for showing the phone specs, firmware versions, and even .NET CLR version installed on the phone.
Microsoft® Tag Reader Microsoft Tag Reader Tag reader for the ‘pretty’ (colored triangle) tag codes. I used this for my webcomic earlier this year.
The Simpsons The Simpsons A soundboard for The Simpsons. Easy to navigate, though the sound levels are kind of up and down.
Tip Pronto Tip Pronto Figure the tip / split the bill app. Doesn’t let you put in the pre-tax amount though.
Tools for Phone 7 Tools for Phone 7 Lots of weird stuff here. Password generator, way to fake a phone call, GPS, Morse Code, etc. Weirdest is “Teen Repel” which generates a 17 KHz tone.
Unit Converter Unit Converter Convert length, temperature, speed, time, volume, angle, weight or area.
Weather Weather Weather from www.weather.com
Wikipedia Wikipedia Pretty basic app. You’re probably better off just hitting the website in a browser.
Wooter Wooter See what junk is for sale today on woot.com, shirt.woot, wine.woot, kids.woot, and sellout.woot.
YouTube YouTube Watch YouTube videos on your phone – straight-forward stuff.


Wish List – These are the apps I wish existed on Windows Phone 7:

  • DropBox (official app – there is a free DropBox ‘viewer’ knockoff though)
  • FileZilla – FTP client
  • LogMeIn – Remote support app
  • Pandora – Streaming audio
  • TeamViewer – Remote support app
  • TrueCrypt – Encrypt / decrypt client
  • TweetDeck – Twitter client
  • X-Lite – VOIP softphone

Feel free to put your ‘must-have’ apps in the comments below.

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