Whitepaper – Deploying WM6 on SBS 2003

Windows Mobile 6 Whitepaper Title: Deploying Windows Mobile 6 with Windows Small Business Server 2003
File Name: SBS-WM6_122107.doc
Version: 3.0
Date Published: January 2008
Language: English
Download Size: 1.8 MB
Pages:  49
Download URL: Click here

Do you want to add Windows Mobile devices to your network? Is your network based either on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 (Windows SBS) server software with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or on Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2? If so, you can use the step-by-step instructions in this document to deploy devices that are powered by the Windows Mobile 6 software on a Windows SBS network.


  • Step 1: Install ActiveSync 4.5 or WMDC 6.1
  • Step 2: Enable Mobile Services for Users
  • Step 3: Configure the Firewall and Web Services
  • Step 4: Install a Certificate
  • Step 5: Configure Windows Small Business Server
  • Step 6: Configure Device Synchronization
  • Step 7: Test the Deployment

Source: Sean Daniel’s blog

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Cougar – Screen Shot of SBS 2008

If you haven’t seen what Cougar (SBS 2008) looks like yet, Ron Grattopp (TS2 Presenter extraordinaire) posted a picture of it on his blog last week.

Here’s a copy of the Cougar screenshot:


Looks a lot like Windows Home Server, doesn’t it 😉

Thanks for the screen shot Ron!

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OWA Is Horked – Missing Graphics

From the Help Desk file…

Reported Issue: Users report Outlook Web Access (OWA) ‘looks funny’ or ‘messed up’ and is missing the graphics.  The main body says “Loading…”.

There is also no screen color, just a bunch of hyperlinked boxes with red X’s.

System: Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2

Details: Here is a screen shot of the error condition

OWA is horked

Dead Ends:

  • Outlook Mobile Access is working fine
  • Event logs aren’t throwing any errors
  • ASP version is good
  • Restarting application pool didn’t help
  • Restarting IIS didn’t fix it either

Diagnosis: This was a permission issue. SSL wasn’t enabled on OWA


  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Navigate to Server Name / Web Sites / Default Web Site / right-click Exchange / choose Properties.
  3. Click on Directory Security, and in the Secure communications box, click Edit.
  4. In the Secure Communications window, make sure Require secure channel (SSL) and Require 128-bit encryption are checked.
  5. Hit OK, OK and Restart IIS

If those boxes are already checked, take a look at the NTFS permissions on the hard drive for the IIS folder.  And if you do have to eventually reinstall Outlook Web Access, be sure to check out Henrik Walther’s article, “Fixing a Damaged or Incorrectly Configured OWA 2003 Installation

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Beta – Xobni – First Impressions

Recently I started using a new Outlook plug-in called Xobni (thanks for the invite Nick!)  Xobni isn’t new. In fact Bill Gates talked about it over a year ago:

What Xobni Does

Basically, Xobni (pronounced ‘zob-nee’) lets you track email relationships, conversations, connections with others, and (my favorite feature) provides a no-search list of files exchanged with others.  It also provides metrics on what time of the day someone emails you.

imageHere’s an example from my personal email account,
and just for fun, we’ll pick on Kevin:

Top Section – Name, Emails Received, Time of Day, Emails In (received) vs. Emails Out (sent) and includes To From CC and BCC, and Rank based on the number of emails to and from this person.

Contact Info – Phone (this is automatically pulled from email body), link to schedule a meeting, link to create an email.

People Connected to… – These are contacts that I’ve CC’ed in an email to Kevin, or contacts he’s CC’ed me on.

Conversations with… – Threaded conversations with this contact.

Files Exchanged with… – My favorite feature! Whether I sent the file to Kevin, or he sent it to me, it shows up here. VERY nice.


  • The ‘Files Exchanged’ folder (obviously)
  • The time chart at the top. This has actually been pretty helpful in identifying when someone is typically in front of their computer
  • The ‘Stay In Touch’ feature – This shows who you haven’t emailed in a month, 2 months, 3 months or longer.


  • The contact card in Xobni is limited and doesn’t pull a photo from the Outlook contact card (you have to add it manually)
  • No mobile version
  • Can’t see a list ranking with all the people (who’s #1, who’s #500) as far as I can tell. If you want to know where someone is, you have to hunt them down first.
  • I’m not clear if the metrics go away when you delete items (I think it tracks the archive though).
  • No way to change the time zones for senders

Regarding the time zone issue, I could go either way on this one.

Take Susan for example, she’s in California (GMT -8) and I’m Kentucky (GMT-5). So, while it’s true that sometimes she sends email when it’s 3AM for me, it’s only midnight for her, so it’s a bit confusing at first glance because it looks like she’s still up at 3AM (maybe she is 😉 :

Susan in GMT -8 needs more sleep ;-)

With Wayne in Sydney, Australia (GMT +10), it’s even more noticeable with the time difference:

Wayne GMT +10 doesn't get enough sleep either

So, if I look at the chart, before I even try to send Wayne an email, I know that if it’s before lunch time for me, he’s probably asleep down under.

And resource-wise, I’ve been pretty happy w/ Xobni:

Right now Xobni is a closed-beta, but I’ve got some invites left. If you’re interested, log a reply to this post.

And if you’d like a bit deeper look at Xobni, here’s a link to a video tour:

UPDATE – I found out Wayne already blogged about this, but my post is prettier and I’ve already typed it all, so I’m posting it anyway 😉

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