I Am the Melissa Rivers of Vladville

image The SMB Community is an odd beast. Layers of relationships, politics, technical skills, information, money, experts and posers, givers and takers…
nothing is shocking really anymore.  But it’s nice when things get mixed up a little bit though.

First, Jamie Strauss sent me a link to a new SBS video blog that is, in a word, ‘different’. Not your normal screen-cast or interview-fest or self-aggrandizing we’ve come to expect in the past from the community. The videos are ‘refreshingly different’ to say the least.  And since I’m a staunch avoider of blog-on-blog action, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

And then there Vlad. Who is Texas. And bored. That’s never a good thing. Probably misses his Rumba already. He stopped by on IM tonight long enough to talk smack while on his hiatus.  One comment led to another. Vlad wound up having to Google ‘Premarin’ and now I am the Melissa Rivers of Vladville:


Between Melissa and I, one of us is seriously offended, and I think it’s her.

Good times. 🙂

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