Windows Vista Software Compatibility List

How many times in the last 2 months has a customer asked you, “Does XYZ software work with Windows Vista?” 

Personally, I lost count.  And obtaining the answer typically involves googling or surfing the manufacturer’s website.

Fortunately, the good folks over at IeXwiki have a nice wiki that lists software compatibility with Windows Vista.  The three compatibility categories are:

  • Works
  • Has problems, but they can be solved / minor unsolved
  • Heavy problems, currently incompatible

Since this is a wiki, anyone can add to or correct the list as needed.  And you also have to take the wiki with a grain of salt, because anyone can add to or correct the list as needed.  So use this site is a reference only, not a benchmark set in stone. 

For Windows Vista hardware compatibility, check out the forum on Tom’s Hardware.

Of course, you can always use the trusty Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (6.6 MB), but that assumes that you’re sitting at the machine to run it.

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Vista Family Values

Microsoft launched Windows Vista this week and now you can buy it in 39,000 retail locations around the world, but you already knew that. 

And you already knew about the flavors of Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate.  Of course.

And you also already knew about the “Windows Vista Family Discount” right?  No?  Let me enlighten you:

“Enjoy the security, performance, and entertainment capabilities of Windows Vista throughout your home. Purchase the Windows Vista Ultimate retail boxed product, and you can upgrade up to two additional PCs in your household to Windows Vista Home Premium for only $49.99 ($59.99 CAD) each.* Order online, and within minutes you’ll be ready to upgrade your computers at over 60% off the estimated retail price!”…

Let’s do the Windows Vista Family Discount math (street prices / US dollars):

  • Vista Ultimate Upgrade + 2 ea. Home Premium Upgrades
    $249.99 + 153.99 + 153.99 = $349.97
    (Plus tax, shipping, etc.)

So how does pricing on the Windows Vista Family Discount stack up? 

Let’s compare:

  • Family Discount vs. 1 Ultimate & 2 Home Premium Upgrades
    ($349.97 vs. $249.99 + 153.99 + 153.99 = $557.97)
    Family Discount is $208 cheaper
  • Family Discount vs. 3 Home Premium Upgrades
    ($349.97 vs. $153.99 + 153.99 + 153.99 = $461.97)
    Family Discount is $112 cheaper
  • Family Discount vs. 1 Ultimate & 1 Home Premium Upgrade
    ($349.97 vs. $249.99 + 153.99 = $403.98)
    Family Discount is $54 cheaper

Verdict?  This is a SWEET deal because you can upgrade to Vista on three computers in your home cheaper than two computers.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is having fulfillment problems with the product ID keys.  So you might want to key an eye on that news story before taking the plunge.  But when they get the kinks ironed out people will be saving some serious dough.

And before anyone emails me…

  • Family Discount vs. 2 Home Premium Upgrades
    ($349.97 vs. $153.99 + 153.99 = $307.98)
    Family Discount is $41.99 more expensive
    (But you’re getting an extra Ultimate for that $41.99)
  • Family Discount vs. 1 copy of Vista Ultimate
    ($349.97 vs. $249.99)
    Family Discount is $99.98 more expensive
    (But you’re getting 2 Home Premium upgrades for that $99.98)
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January 2007 Action Pack Update

Update kits for the January 2007 Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) are scheduled to start shipping today (01/19/2007).  You should see yours before Jan 30.

Here’s what’s NEW in the Action Pack* this month:

(10 Licenses of each above, except for Sharepoint Server Enterprise)

And of course, we all know what’s MISSING IN ACTION:

  • Microsoft Office 2003 (all flavors) – shot down
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro (full & upgrade) – shot down
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 – MIA

I’ll spare everyone a rehash of the Windows XP & Office 2003 Action Pack removal flame war – Eric Ligman’s blog has the official word on that.  But, this interesting little tidbit may have slipped under your radar:

“The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Version Software Software Offer in the Action Pack has Expired. The Microsoft OEM version software for internal use offer in the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription expired on December 31, 2006. Software for internal use is still available via the volume licensing offering included with your Action Pack Subscription. “

(Insert blank stare here…)

Source:   Microsoft Partner Website

*North American version of the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription

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Windows Vista Hands-On Lab for Partners

The SMS&P Heartland District Partner team at Microsoft announced Windows Vista Hands on Labs taking place in February & March 2007.

Windows Vista Agenda


This course will provide participants with an experience of Windows Vista from a deployment and implementation perspective along with some of the service opportunities around Windows Vista.

  • Windows Vista new features & functionality
  • Business Desktop Deployment (BDD)
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT 5.0)
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Group Policy
  • Windows Vista Hardware Accelerator

Training Location, Date & Time:

  • Southfield – Feb. 7th Microsoft Southfield Office – 19th Floor MPR  Click HERE for directions.
  • Columbus – Feb. 19th Microsoft Columbus Office MPR Click HERE for directions.
  • Nashville – March 14th Microsoft Mason Office MPR Click HERE for directions.
  • Louisville – March 16th University Of Louisville, Shelby Campus iTRC Click HERE for directions

Course commences at 9:00 am sharp and closes at 5:00. Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch will be included.

Cost: FREE

Requirements to attend:

  • Must be a Microsoft Registered Partner or above
  • Must Provide Hardware capable of running Windows Vista & Virtual Server
  • Must print Hands on Lab materials used in course work
  • Must provide external USB drive for Virtual Server Images
  • Must provide for own travel and lodging if necessary
  • Must provide long Ethernet cable for connectivity

Registration Details:

Seats are limited and will be secured on a first come; first served basis.

Southfield – Click Here to Register!

Columbus – Click Here to Register!

Nashville – Click Here to Register!

Louisville – Click Here to Register!

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Whitepaper – Wireless Networking in Windows Vista

Whitepaper Title: Wireless Networking in Windows Vista – Security, usability, and manageability improvements for wireless clients
File Name: Wireless Networking In Windows Vista.doc
Version: 1.0
Date Published: 12/14/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 1.0 MB
Pages:  24
Download URL: Click here

This whitepaper discusses the key wireless networking improvemsnts in Windows Vista.  Impovements have been made in five key areas (see below).

Whitepaper Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Core Wireless Improvements
  • Security Improvements
  • Improvements to the End-User Experience
  • Troubleshooting Improvements
  • Manageability Improvements
  • Summary
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Office 2007 Expiration Date Clarification

There has been a fair amount of confusion about the expiration of the Office 2007 Beta2 Technical Refresh (B2TR).  Even the Q&A session in the SBSC webcast yesterday didn’t yield an immediate answer.

Understandably Partners are concerned that the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) version of the final Office 2007 bits may not arrive before the Beta bits time-bomb and drop into hockeypuck mode. 

Like many folks, the copy of Office 2007 B2TR on my demo machine states an expiration date of Feb 1, 2007.  This date is incorrect!   

The correct expiration date for Office 2007 B2TR is March 31, 2007.

Proof (and I quote):

“The correct expiration date for Beta2 Technical Refresh is displayed during setup. If the user checks the License Agreement from the client once Beta2 Technical Refresh is installed, it will display the incorrect date. The correct expiration date for Beta2 Technical Refresh is: March 31, 2007.”


So now you can breathe a little easier and not have to worry about downgrading to 2003 if your Action Pack gets held up by DHL.

Props:  Hats-off to Paige Boesen, Chris Van Wesep & Stacy Miros for tracking down the official date and for the excellent followup.  You guys rock!

BTW: To save a follow-up blog post, Vista Beta RC1 expires on June 1, 2007.

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Vista Firewall Client for ISA

Title: Firewall Client for ISA Server
Version: 3442.654
Date Published: 12/12/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 618 KB
Download URL: Click here

Firewall Client for ISA Server installs the Firewall Client software on 32-bit and 64-bit computers running supported Windows operating systems (see below).  It provides enhanced security, application support, and access control for client computers. It provides authentication for Winsock applications that use TCP and UDP, supports complex secondary protocols, and supplies user and application information to the ISA Server logs. 

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Supported ISA Server Versions:

  • ISA Server 2000
  • ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition
  • ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition
  • ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition
  • ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition 

KB Article: 

Source: Sean Daniel

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TechNite Live Q2 Registration Now Open

If you’re a Microsoft Partner in the Heartland District (MI, OH, KY, TN) be sure to signup and attend the special Partners-Only after-hours events in December; TechNite Live!

This month Terry Stein and the gang will review all the cool stuff that Microsoft has available for the home focused on entertainment. We’ll take a look at:

  • – Gaming on Windows Vista
  • – XBOX360
  • – Media Center on Windows Vista
  • – Microsoft Zune
  • – MSN Direct devices for the home

It’s going to be an evening with tons of fun!

Here are the registration links and dates:

Tue December 12 – Columbus, OH (6:30-8:30 PM)

Wed December 13 – Cincinnati, OH (6:30-8:30 PM)

Thu December 14 – Nashville, TN (6:30-8:30 PM

Tue December 19 – Louisville, KY (6:30-8:30 PM)

Source: Heartland South Technical Partner Community Groove Workspace – Terry Stein

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Register for the Louisville Vista / Office 2007 Launch

Register today for the: 

Microsoft Across America Vista / Office 2007 Launch Event
Louisville, Kentucky
Tuesday January 30, 2007 

IMPORTANT:  These events will fill up completely so be sure and choose one or two events below and SIGNUP TODAY! 


Event Location:
Hyatt Regency Louisville
320 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202 

Morning Events 

Small Business Track – Vista / Office 2007 / WSS 3.0 / Accounting 2007
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

IT Pro Track – Vista & Office 2007 Deployment / Exchange 2007
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Afternoon Events  Partner Track – Presenter:  Ron Grattopp
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

IT Executive Track – Deployment / BitLocker / GPO / SharePoint 2007 / Dynamics
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Developer Track – Connected Applications / Office 2007 Server Platform
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

FYI – The Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG) is scheduled to have a booth at the morning IT Pro Track, so be sure to stop by and say hi! 🙂 


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Vista & Office Launch Jan 30, 2007

It’s official – Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 have been released to manufacturing (RTM) and the scheduled world wide launch date is Tuesday January 30, 2007. 

You can read the Nov 8 press release or check out the short video below with Jim Allchin:

Video: Windows Vista JimAllchin RTM Announcement

Insider Tip:  There will be a Vista / Office 2007 event in Louisville, KY on that date (30 Jan 2007). Stay tuned for details. 🙂

Source:  James Senior & Susan Bradley

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