How to Web-Enable LOBs on SBS

Do your clients have employees and remote workers who want to access mission-critical line-of-business (LOB) apps that weren’t designed to work across the web?  Now they can, and you can learn how install it on top of their existing Microsoft SBS 2003 infrastructure:

Webcast #1:  Web-enabled Line of Business Applications Automatically with Small Business Server and Citrix Access Essentials

Event Dates:  4/10/20075/8/2007 or 6/12/2007 (same content)
Presenter: J.J. Antequino & Augie Gonzalez
Event Time:  1:30 PM Eastern, USA & Canada (DST) = GMT – 05:00
Duration: 60 minutes
Course Level: 100

Sure, we’d all love to have our line of business applications rewritten for the Web. But what can we do right now, quickly and inexpensively, while we wait on the original developer to pull it off? It’s actually pretty straightforward using Citrix Access Essentials software. And you don’t have to write a line of code. Learn what you can achieve for under $250 per user including Windows Terminal Server CALs.

Citrix Access Essentials enables small organizations to access their central business systems over the Internet from home, hotels, airports, customer sites, wireless hotspots and across firewalls. The software makes it possible for remote and mobile personnel to run line-of-business applications on a central Windows server as if right at the main computer site.

Webcast #2: Citrix Access Essentials and Small Business Server – Behind the Scenes

Event Dates:  4/12/20075/10/2007, or 6/14/2007 (same content)
Presenter:  J.J. Antequino & Augie Gonzalez
Event Time:  1:30 PM Eastern, USA & Canada (DST) = GMT – 05:00
Duration: 60 minutes
Course Level: 100

In Webcast #1 You heard what Citrix Access Essentials can do. Now see it from the system administrator’s perspective. We’ll start with a basic configuration that builds on Windows Terminal Services to get you off the ground, and then move into an advanced environment that kicks in must-have features for a rich, secure, responsive Web experience.  

Source:  Ron Grattopp – TS2 Presenter Extraordinaire

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I was moving my Microsoft Certified Professional ID over to Applied Tech today and noticed “MCPS and MCNPS” listed under “Tracks and Specializations”. 

If you’re not familiar with the alphabet soup of Microsoft Certifications:

  • MCAD – Microsoft Certified Application Developer
  • MCDBA – Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • MCDST – Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
  • MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • MCLC – Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant
  • MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
  • MCPD – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • MCSA – Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • MCSD – Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist
  • MSBC – Microsoft Business Certifications (New)
  • Microsoft Certified Architect Program

Oddly, the following certs don’t show up on the Microsoft site:

  • MCNPS – Microsoft Certified Networking Product Specialist 
  • MCPS – Microsoft Certified Product Specialist

They do show up in a Google search (albeit usually in people’s sig lines on message boards).  Apparently, the MCPS and MCNPS show up when you pass the 70-282.  I called Russ Grover and chatted up Susan on IM, but still no URL of proof. 

I’ve also seen this one:

  • MCPSI – Microsoft Certified Professional in Systems Integration

Not sure if that one is real or not.  I’ll do some research and post back when I get an authoritative answer.

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Upcoming Live Events (Q2 2007)

*Registration for some of these events hasn’t opened yet.  Here are the URLs so you can at least mark the dates on your calendar and check back later to register:

Reminder:  Microsoft Connections, MSDN, TechNet & TS2 events don’t charge for admission, but parking is your responsibility.

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Live Event – IW Services Opportunities in 2007

It’s almost time to get your ‘Information Worker’ learn on.  If you live in the ‘Heartland District‘ this Microsoft Partner-Only event is headed your way from March 26 – April 19, 2007.  

The content is broken into two sessions: Sales & Technical (dates & registration links are below.)

Sales Session Overview (2 hours):
Lunch and Learn presentation to partner sales reps on how to sell Information Worker (IW) solutions and services. Session will include resources, demos and sales tools.

Sales Session Agenda:

  • 11:00 am – Welcome and Sales Strategy Overview
  • 11:15 am – Overview of 2007 edition of Office System
  • 11:45 am – Luncheon Presentation
  • Selling Workflow & Forms Solutions
  • Selling Document Security
  • Selling Content and Document Management
  • Selling Real Time Communication
  • 12:45 pm – Tools and Resources to Help You Sell
  • 12:55 pm – Evaluations & Prize Giveaways
  • 1:00 pm – Sales Session Concludes

Technical Session Overview (3 hours):

Deep technical presentation to partner technical leads and personnel on how to position and implement Information Worker solutions in your customers accounts. Session will include resources, demos and additional training tools.

Technical Session Agenda:

  • 2:00 pm – Welcome and Overview of 2007 edition of Office System
  • 2:30 pm – Building Custom Workflow Solutions
  • Document Workflow
  • Integrating into LOB Apps and Scripts
  • 3:30 pm – Implementing Robust Content and Document Management Solutions
  • Migrating and Replacing File Folders
  • Implementing Company Wide Search
  • Setting Content Management Policies
  • 4:30 pm – Tools and Resources to Help You Deliver
  • 4:45 pm – Evaluations & Prize Giveaways
  • 5:00 pm – Technical Session Concludes

Locations & Registration Links:

· Southfield 3/26 –

· Grand Rapids – 3/28 –

· Nashville – 4/3 –

· Mason (Cincinnati) 4/11 –

· Cleveland 4/16 –

· Columbus 4/17 –

· Louisville 4/19 –

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MAPS Webcast Redux

Lately I cringe every time I hear the phrase “Microsoft Action Pack Subscription” – almost as much as when I hear about Daylight Savings Time changes.  They are two topics that simply won’t die.  And like the indigestion from a gas station hot dog, the subject of MAPS rights is back with a vengeance. 

Eric Ligman says, “There have been a few questions about the latest Action Pack.” 

That’s the biggest understatement of February.  There have been a lot of questions, and they’re still coming.  Eric and Tram will be answering ‘what’ has changed with Action Pack licensing.  Yet the underlying theme of the questions on Schrag’s MAPS wiki are related to ‘why’. 

Tune in to the MAPS webcast tomorrow and see if we can get answers to our concerns.  Maybe if we learn the ‘why’ the ‘what’ will be a little easier to take:

Webcast:  “Understanding the latest MAPS Updates
Date:  Wednesday February 14, 2007
Time:  2:30 PM Eastern (GMT -5)
Length:  1 hour
Hosts:  Eric Ligman & Tram Nguyen
Registration URL:…

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70-282 Exam Prep Webcast PDFs

Quite a few people have asked where they can get a PDF copy of the slide decks for all 5 days of the 70-282 Exam Prep Series with Ron Grattopp and Bea Mulzer (Jan 8 – Jan 12, 2007). 

Here you go! 🙂

Thanks so much to Bea, RonKevin Clarke & the Microsoft TS2 Team for providing this webcast series for the SMB community!

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Windows Vista Hands-On Lab for Partners

The SMS&P Heartland District Partner team at Microsoft announced Windows Vista Hands on Labs taking place in February & March 2007.

Windows Vista Agenda


This course will provide participants with an experience of Windows Vista from a deployment and implementation perspective along with some of the service opportunities around Windows Vista.

  • Windows Vista new features & functionality
  • Business Desktop Deployment (BDD)
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT 5.0)
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Group Policy
  • Windows Vista Hardware Accelerator

Training Location, Date & Time:

  • Southfield – Feb. 7th Microsoft Southfield Office – 19th Floor MPR  Click HERE for directions.
  • Columbus – Feb. 19th Microsoft Columbus Office MPR Click HERE for directions.
  • Nashville – March 14th Microsoft Mason Office MPR Click HERE for directions.
  • Louisville – March 16th University Of Louisville, Shelby Campus iTRC Click HERE for directions

Course commences at 9:00 am sharp and closes at 5:00. Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch will be included.

Cost: FREE

Requirements to attend:

  • Must be a Microsoft Registered Partner or above
  • Must Provide Hardware capable of running Windows Vista & Virtual Server
  • Must print Hands on Lab materials used in course work
  • Must provide external USB drive for Virtual Server Images
  • Must provide for own travel and lodging if necessary
  • Must provide long Ethernet cable for connectivity

Registration Details:

Seats are limited and will be secured on a first come; first served basis.

Southfield – Click Here to Register!

Columbus – Click Here to Register!

Nashville – Click Here to Register!

Louisville – Click Here to Register!

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TechNite Live Q2 Registration Now Open

If you’re a Microsoft Partner in the Heartland District (MI, OH, KY, TN) be sure to signup and attend the special Partners-Only after-hours events in December; TechNite Live!

This month Terry Stein and the gang will review all the cool stuff that Microsoft has available for the home focused on entertainment. We’ll take a look at:

  • – Gaming on Windows Vista
  • – XBOX360
  • – Media Center on Windows Vista
  • – Microsoft Zune
  • – MSN Direct devices for the home

It’s going to be an evening with tons of fun!

Here are the registration links and dates:

Tue December 12 – Columbus, OH (6:30-8:30 PM)

Wed December 13 – Cincinnati, OH (6:30-8:30 PM)

Thu December 14 – Nashville, TN (6:30-8:30 PM

Tue December 19 – Louisville, KY (6:30-8:30 PM)

Source: Heartland South Technical Partner Community Groove Workspace – Terry Stein

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Register for the Louisville Vista / Office 2007 Launch

Register today for the: 

Microsoft Across America Vista / Office 2007 Launch Event
Louisville, Kentucky
Tuesday January 30, 2007 

IMPORTANT:  These events will fill up completely so be sure and choose one or two events below and SIGNUP TODAY! 


Event Location:
Hyatt Regency Louisville
320 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202 

Morning Events 

Small Business Track – Vista / Office 2007 / WSS 3.0 / Accounting 2007
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

IT Pro Track – Vista & Office 2007 Deployment / Exchange 2007
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Afternoon Events  Partner Track – Presenter:  Ron Grattopp
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

IT Executive Track – Deployment / BitLocker / GPO / SharePoint 2007 / Dynamics
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Developer Track – Connected Applications / Office 2007 Server Platform
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

FYI – The Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG) is scheduled to have a booth at the morning IT Pro Track, so be sure to stop by and say hi! 🙂 


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Exam 71-260: TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring

Exam #: 71-260
Beta Exam Period: October 31 – November 13, 2006
Registration Opens: October 23, 2006
Test Time: 4 hours
Promotional Code: BTA620
Preparation Link:

Audience Profile:

Candidates for this exam should have at least one year of experience in the IT field. They typically work as Tier 1 to Tier 2-level phone support in a wide range of environments, including retail stores and the upper MORG or enterprise environment.

Candidates should have experience resolving issues concerning network connectivity, desktop operating systems, security, and applications. They address logon problems, perform password resets, and resolve most issues with desktop applications.

To Register:

Source:  Terry Stein’s newsletter

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