Office 2007 SP1 Hits the Web Next Tuesday

microsoft-office-logo Less than a year after the official launch of the 2007 Office System, Microsoft announced on a TechNet blog that Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 will hit the web on 12/11/2007 (Patch Tuesday for December 2007).

“Will it come down the pipe automatically”, you ask?

“The 2007 Office System SP1 will be critical service pack for a variety of reasons.  It will eliminate many deployment barriers to deployment you may have in your environment, it will provide support for Windows Server 2008, and will provide critical fixes to products such as Project and Project Server.

The use of Automatic Update (AU) Deployment has been a concern we have heard from many customers in recent months.  Because of this, the 2007 Office System SP1 will not be released to AU immediately.   Instead, the Microsoft Office System team will provide guidance as to a date at which we will begin throttling up so that you have time to educate yourself on what is in SP1 and determine the best method for you to deploy it in your environment. ”

That is all.

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