Official Launch of

Today Susanne Dansey and Susan Bradley announced  my new pet project, affectionately known as

This is not another SBS podcast (as the name may imply).  Rather, it’s a central point to find all podcasts pertaining to SBS & the SMB space. 

Some of these podcasts are IT Pro focused, some are consumer-focused, others deal with business, the community, and geek humor.  But the underlying theme (as a whole) tends to be security, because honestly, it’s not easy staying sharp – especially when it comes to security.

Each podcast entry on the site includes:

  • Podcast name
  • Host or hosts
  • Description
  • Website URL
  • RSS Feed URL (if available)

The current list of SBS / SMB podcasts includes:

Visitors to the site are encouraged to submit future SBS podcasts to the list. 

For the sake of convenience, all podcasts with RSS feeds are rolled up into a single OPML feed (available at the top of the page on the site).

Hopefully this project will give folks a chance to learn about podcasts they’ve never heard of and lower the barrier & learning curve to getting started listening to podcasts.   

If you’ve got feedback regarding the site or the project, feel free to post coments on this blog entry.

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