Major Website Upgrade Complete

Last year, after much prodding from Chris and Vlad, I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress for the website engine.  And there was much rejoicing!

Now, over a year later, I’m happy to announce that today marks another major upgrade to the website. 



Here is a short list of the changes and some of the new features added:

  • WordPress upgraded to v 2.2
  • Integrated Search (finally)
  • Instant Messenger Status
  • Snap Shot images (now you can see a website thumbnail before clicking on it)
  • Blog Calendar Navigation
  • Recent Comments Section
  • Flickr Pictures
  • RSS Feeds for iTunes and Podcast (NGLB Videos coming soon!)
  • Site is now PDA-friendly
  • Links for
  • New Theme (courtesy of Adam Walker)
  • Wider layout (helpful for wide screen LCDs)
  • And more features like Digg, YouTube integration and TS2 Events coming soon!

I hope you enjoy the update.  Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback about the new site and features! 🙂

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