2006 SBS Tour Photos

SBS Tour in LouisvilleThe pictures I took at the SBS Tour in Louisville last week on 18 September 2006 are now online on Flickr.  Our presenters were Ron Grattopp from the TS2 team and Paul Fitzgerald who is the Lead Program Manager for SBS.

If anyone else has event pictures that they’d like to share from the Louisville event or one of the other 12 cities, Flickr is a lot easier than emailing pictures back and forth, and it’s free for a basic account.

Direct link for the Louisville pics:

Also, when uploading my pictures to Flickr, I saved them under the tag “2006 SBS Tour”.  That way if anyone else uploads pictures to Flickr with the same tag (be sure and enclose the tag in quotation marks), all the pictures from the entire tour will show up in one single location:

(If the Louisville link above breaks, just go here and click ‘2006 SBS Tour’ on the right). 

Happy uploading! 🙂

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