New SBS Group Launches in Lexington 01-17-2008

Great news, especially for folks in Kentucky!

Matthew Snoddy ( has announced the launch of a new SBS group, and the first meeting is next week after the Microsoft TS2 event in Lexington.

Here are the details:

Lexington SBS User Group
Location: Lexington, Kentucky USA
Launch date: Thursday January 17, 2008

Everyone is invited, (KYSBSUG & CiNPA, that means you too) so let’s help Matthew make this launch a great event!

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Microsoft is Coming to Lexington 01/17/2008

Microsoft is coming to Lexington, Kentucky next week!

Thursday January 17, 2008
Theater-Regal Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16 
1949 Starshoot Road
Lexington Kentucky 40509

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My Favorite New Blog of 2007 Award

imageI read a LOT of blogs. And by a lot, I confess that it sometimes creeps up to triple digits (in feeds, not just posts). So, since this is the first Saturday of the year, I’m doing the annual pruning the dead wood from the RSS reader.

Who gets the axe? The stale, the blog parrots, the rant-fests, (Scobble got nixed a long time ago). 

And this year, instead of just blowing away the stuff that isn’t applicable and moving on, I’d like to take a minute to share appreciation for a new blog I started reading last year that I’ve particularly enjoyed.

This blogger is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist (SBSC).
He’s located in St. Albert, Alberta Canada.
He blogs about Macs, PCs, and SBS.
And he’s the owner of MPECS, Inc.

PhilipElder (BTW - I have that same shirt :-) If you read his blog, you already know who I’m talking about:

Philip Elder

If memory serves, I found Philip’s blog via an incoming link on FeedBurner. What a great find! (Both Philip and FeedBurner).

For those who haven’t read Philip yet, his blog is very ‘nuts & bolts’ oriented, with a nice amount of business & Mac mixed in. And the honesty and openness of the posts are refreshing.

So thanks to all the folks still on the blog roll who fight the good fight. And a special thanks to Philip Elder for writing My Favorite New Blog of 2007!

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Turn The Page

The last 7 days have been very, in a word, surreal.  In more words… Emotional. Educational. Annoying. Bittersweet. Introspective. Exhausting. Enlightening. Contrasting. Even cathartic.  The details are unimportant, a nuisance really.  Because it’s simply impossible to encapsulate and articulate in this format. I doubt Jack Bauer could do it. And without the proper context, it’s like telling a joke that ends in ‘I guess you had to be there’ and as my grandmother used to say, the effort to convey the experience just ‘robs your joy’.  So you just smile, knowingly.  It looks like gas, and no one’s the wiser. 😉

This week I’ve experienced great personal achievement, and unwarranted personal attacks. Helped people for free that couldn’t thank me enough, and done someone else’s job while rightfully charged them for it. It’s all been a non-stop cirque de soleil ride, never knowing what to expect, but constantly being impressed by what life has to offer. And finally, without warning, a moment of quiet and clarity. A chance to sit back and reflect on it all.

There’s an entire new world of ones and zeros just sitting on a magnetic platter in the next room, waiting to explode like a firehose in your face. Cougar Beta 2, Microsoft Shared View, Skydrive, Vista SP1, Server 2008, Office 2007 SP1. Eternal sleeping betas like FolderShare and Deepfish. Publishing deadlines. Certifications. Presentations. Expense reports. Health Insurance. IRAs. And legal crap.

But for this shining moment, I can get off the bike, stand beside it, and watch the sunset.  Laugh at the pettiness and inconsequence. Dream about what comes next and the possibilities. 

I’m thankful for moments leaning over a handrail with a friend, watching salmon swim in place. For friends who let me IM them during business hours about rootkits. For friends who enjoy taunting me about video blogs. For friends who give me funny nicknames on MSN Music Man. For friends with Irish, German, Dutch, Belgian, Canadian, Austrian, British, Kiwi and Australian accents that make the SMB world round and incredibly diverse and enjoyable. For local SBSers who fight the good fight day-in and day-out for their customers. For bloggers sharing their thoughts, asking my opinion, listening to my stupid questions. For Microsofties past and present that go above and beyond. For people who contribute more than they take. For my family. Thank you for an unexpected and perfect moment! 🙂

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Sign-up for Vlad’s SMB Newsletter

I surfed over to Vladville tonight to sign up for the new Vladville Newsletter.  Yet, I couldn’t help noticing not 1, not 2, but precisely 5 pictures of Vlad on the same page: 


I actually had to zoom out in Internet Explorer (Control + and – ) to get them all in one screenshot.  I only bring it up because there is no way he would let me get away with something as narcissistic as that! 😉

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Microsoft is Coming to Cincinnati 11/27/2007

Microsoft is coming to Cincinnati tomorrow:

Tuesday November 27, 2007
Regal Deerfield Towne Center Stadium 16
5500 Deerfield Blvd
Mason Ohio 45040

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Microsoft is Coming to Louisville 10/02/2007

Microsoft is coming to Louisville Register today!

Tuesday October 2, 2007
Theater – Cinemark Tinseltown USA
4400 Towne Center Drive
Louisville Kentucky 40241

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KYSBSUG – Sept 2007 – SBS Hacks

image You are invited to attend the September 2007 Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG) meeting.  This is our 43rd consecutive monthly meeting!

Title: KYSBSUG Meeting – Sept 2007
Date:  Wed Sept 19, 2007
Time:  6:30 PM Eastern
Venue:  University of Louisville – ITRC Building (Shelby Campus)
Address:  9001 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY USA, 40222
Registration URL:

Topic:  SBS Hacks


Share your favorite SBS Hacks, tweaks, and work-arounds that make SBS really hum, and learn what everyone else is doing. 

We’ve got a handful of specific hacks & tweaks lined up, but we plan on opening up the floor to let everyone participate.  To encourage everyone to share, each registered attendee who shares their favorite hack gets a door prize!  If you’re new to SBS, this is a great chance to learn from the pros.  And even if you’re a long-time SBSer, we’ve got still some tricks you’ve never seen before!

At the end of the evening we’ll hold a drawing for ‘Best SBS Hack’ and the winner walks away with a Microsoft Polo shirt!

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2 Geek Networking Events Tonight

Just a friendly reminder, there are two GREAT geek networking events happening tonight, Thursday August 23, 2007:

Louisville Geek Dinner v.0.3
Date:  08/23/2007
Time: 6:00 PM Eastern
Where:  Louisville, Kentucky USA
Venue:  Fox and Hound Pub & Grill
Address:  302 Bullit Lane, Louisville, KY 40222

High Tech Happy Hour – Sixth Anniversary Celebration
Date:  08/23/2007
Time:  5:00 PM Central
Where:  Madison, Wisconsin USA
Venue:  Orpheum Theater
Address:  216 State Street, Madison, WI 53703

I’m in Madison this week, so I’ll be at the HTHH event.  Both events should be a great chance to get your geek on! 

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You’re a winner Chris, and you look like one too!

Click here for the video and here for the update and here for the original story.

(Because I can, that’s why.)

Seriously dude, congrats on turning a Ninja catchphrase into a 42″ plasma TV. Nicely done!

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