Pregnant Women Firing Model Rockets

Today in Madison, Wisconsin USA I saw half a dozen pregnant women firing off model rockets in a field….

I think I will call this picture, “Rocket Moms

(c) 2007 Tim Barrett, All Rights Reserved

Warning: You have now reached the end of the Internet.

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Unified Messaging the Xbox 360 Way

Microsoft announced yesterday (8 April 2007) that they’re opening up the Xbox LIVE IM network (6 million-strong) to the Windows Live Messenger (260 million-strong) network.

“Who cares,” you say?  Gamers, clients, employees, your kids.  Today is a travel day for Matt (hello Cleveland!) but I’m sure he cares too.  And so should you.

Think about it:

Scenario 1 (uncool) – You’re tired of playing with ios games for money and gaming away on PGR3 and your boss pops up an IM to ask how those TPS reports are coming.  Icky!

Scenario 2 (kinda cool) – Unified messaging becomes a reality with Exchange 2007, the whole ‘access anywhere’ scenario could conceivably include getting email and voicemail on your 360.

Scenario 3 (totally cool) – Knocking out those simple IM questions without getting off the couch and exiting your game.  Nice!

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DIY Solid State Hard Drive

If you’ve got extra SD cards lying around, now you can turn them into a fake solid state hard drive for a laptop.

Admittedly, it’s got some issues, namely:
a) all SD cards have to match (either 2 or 4 matching cards)
b) SDHC isn’t supported
c) most laptops don’t have two internal 2.5″ drive bays. 
d) it costs a whopping $261.49 USD (SD cards not included!)

Cost for a 16GB setup?  
$261.49 for the caddy + 4 x $40 for 4GB SD cards = $421.49 USD (plus shipping).  Not cheap compared to hard drive prices.

But it’s still a very interesting piece of geek gear and it’s bound to drop in price.  Keep an eye on this one.

Source:  UNEASYsilence

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Alienware Celebrates 10 Years

Sure, Acer has their Ferrari notebook and ASUS has their Lamborghini laptop, and both are pretty cool. 

But if you really need the fastest PC in the universe, any geek will tell you that there’s only one place to go…


They are big, they are bad, and they totally & completely rock!  And we’re not just talking desktops. The notebooks kill too.  Mark Mulvany has one and I’m totally jealous! 

So, you don’t really need$4,499 Assassin notebook rig with a 400 GB hard drive and a 19″ display?  That’s OK. They’ve got Core2 Duo notebooks too that start around $999.  And they’ll spank a MacBook Pro any day of the week. 

And here’s the cool part – for their 10-year Anniversary, Alienware is having 10 sales in 10 days

IMPORTANT – Each sale ends at 12:00 Noon Eastern (USA GMT -5).  So jump on over there before you miss out!!

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